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Our Search Process

At the Rosler Group, we build long-term relationships with our clients by helping them achieve their strategic objectives, while maintaining the highest level of integrity and accountability. Our recruitment process is designed to achieve the highest possible standards in the most efficient manner using highly innovative and effective practices. We follow a rigorous four-stage process to ensure you receive the highest quality candidates that fit your specific requirements.

Stage 1 - Search Preparation
  • Develop a needs analysis
  • Define specific background and requirements needed for position
  • Write a complete and engaging job description
  • Compile target/source list
  • Outline interview and hiring process

Stage 2 - The Search
  • Identify potential candidates from current internal database and network of industry contacts
  • Recruit all targeted candidates to determine interest
  • Evaluate and screen candidates
  • Check references

Stage 3 - Interview Process
  • Present selected candidate profiles including resumes, skills assessments and behavioral analysis to client
  • Arrange and manage interviews between client and candidate
  • Get feedback from the applicant and the client after each meeting and agree on the next course of action

Stage 4 - Offer Stage
  • Discuss strengths and weaknesses of each candidate and present a recommendation to client
  • Negotiate and structure a reasonable and mutually acceptable offer that meets the requirements of the client and the candidate
  • Counsel the candidate on how to resign from current employer and how to handle counter-offers
  • Provide post-hire communication to ensure successful outcome and tie up any loose ends.
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